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The Fendorse Journey: Expanding Horizons in South Africa

A few months ago, Fendorse left for its second home base as an expansion tour: Cape Town, South Africa. Here Fendorse path crossed with that of Lucky Sithole.


About Lucky

Lucky is a highly experienced marketing, communications, and events professional with 15+ years of work experience. He excels in managing event teams, leveraging limited budgets, and achieving high returns on marketing investments. With a wide network of suppliers, he maximizes project savings. Lucky is a proactive, driven achiever who thrives on challenges and embraces change. He is dedicated to continuous improvement and excels in workforce management, business operations, and customer service.


LinkedIn as a Business Opportunity

Skeptical about the effectiveness of LinkedIn as a platform, Lucky found his interest piqued by Fendorse’s unique offerings in the market.

“It was a chance meeting with the Fendorse directors and we got talking about the company and what it offers on the market, which I found very interesting, as I wasn’t really convinced with LinkedIn as a platform.”

As they delved deeper into the company’s mission and vision, a realization dawned: Fendorse had the potential to revolutionize the way businesses connected and generated leads. This newfound interest ignited a desire within Lucky to become a part of the Fendorse family.


Driving Fendorse’s Expansion

Lucky’s role within Fendorse is to create a client pipeline with sales conversions for our expansion into the South African market whilst also introducing and marketing the brand, as a preferred solution of choice for B2B lead generation in South Africa and eventually Africa. When asked about his contributions to the Fendorse table, Lucky confidently states the following;

“I bring my wealth of knowledge in the South African market territories, networking, and marketing skills to grow Fendorse and succeed in this expansion whilst bringing awareness to the brand in South Africa.”

With his exceptional networking and marketing skills, there was no doubt that Lucky would be the right person for the task.


Resistance in the South African Market

However, no journey comes without its challenges. Lucky admits that his biggest hurdle in this role was the aversion to technology exhibited by many in the South African market. This resistance hindered understanding, acceptance, and the willingness to embrace new ways of doing things. Overcoming this obstacle would require patience, education, and a commitment to showcasing the benefits of Fendorse’s innovative approach.


Goals and Vision of the Future

“A daring but attainable goal is to position Fendorse as the company of choice for B2B lead generation in this South African market. Grow capacity in the South African office.”

Lucky’s vision extended beyond mere market dominance; he sought to grow Fendorse’s capacity in the South African office, establishing a strong presence and leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


Adding Lucky to our team brings passion, strategic thinking, and innovation to Fendorse. The first opportunities that have arisen through our collaboration are already emerging, we’re excited to see what the future brings.