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The Fendorse formula has been proven successful in recent years and now offers you the same opportunity. Start your own agency hassle-free within 4 weeks. With access to know-how and ongoing support, a team you can rely on, and all administrative matters centrally taken care of.

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A Fendorse Agency is the perfect solution for entrepreneurial marketing and sales professionals. There is already a proven formula with demonstrably profitable operational processes in place. A Fendorse Agency entrepreneur with a strong network (or who is well acquainted with local networks) can make a flying start in entrepreneurship with this opportunity.

Moreover, the Fendorse formula is truly a plug-and-play marketing and sales solution for B2B SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). This type of service is typically sold through local networks and referrals. For Fendorse, the Fendorse Agency program is a way to expand its local presence. By fully supporting entrepreneurial professionals in setting up a business and enabling them to quickly become active in a specific region, it creates an immediate win-win situation for both parties.

The Fendorse Agency Program offers entrepreneurs the freedom and earning potential to run their own agency.

It combines creativity and business acumen with proven products and services to serve clients directly and generate revenue.

The program provides support, training, and guidance to ensure success. With access to a strong brand, marketing materials, and a professional image, entrepreneurs can present themselves as professional players in the market and impress potential clients.

The central organization handles all brand marketing and lead generation for Fendorse based on proven campaigns, content, and media buying. All leads generated from these efforts will be forwarded to the Fendorse Agencies based on location.

Fendorse is also the owner of, and all leads generated through this channel will be forwarded to local entrepreneurs based on the region.

All existing materials, sales pitches, and reporting structures will be implemented and aligned with the Fendorse Agency entrepreneurs from the start. This ensures a flying start and optimal margin structure.

Regular sessions will be organized for optimal knowledge sharing, allowing the input from the Fendorse Agencies to be continuously incorporated for everyone's success.

Each Fendorse Agency is led by its own entrepreneur. The goal of the collaboration is to establish a long-term relationship with each other. However, it is also important to achieve results as Fendorse relies on the success of the Fendorse Agency in a specific region. Therefore, milestones will be set during the startup phase.

Practically, the first milestone is set at 6 months, during which approximately 10 clients should be acquired. This client base ensures a good income for the Fendorse Agency, establishing a solid foundation to build upon.

Afterward, the contract will be renewed annually (with strict rules regarding the termination of the collaboration). Fendorse is committed to enabling entrepreneurs to build lasting value that can also be transferred (or sold) in the future.

All agreements will align with these principles and are designed to create enduring value for the Fendorse Agency entrepreneurs.