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We ensure you are heard.

At Fendorse, we truly understand the importance of every phone call. Whether we're reaching out to new leads or nurturing existing ones, our team is always geared up for engaging conversations. Let's chat about how we can help you ace your telemarketing objectives!


Access to up-to-date data from approximately 3.2 million companies in the Netherlands.


More than 10,000+ quality appointments achieved.

Frequently asked questions.

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Yes, we prioritize strict adherence to legal and regulatory guidelines, as outlined by the Advertising Code Foundation. Our commitment ensures full compliance with the specialized regulations governing telemarketing services, positioning us as a trusted and reliable partner in sales and lead generation.

Fendorse provides comprehensive inbound and outbound telemarketing services. We expertly handle lead generation, customer follow-ups, inquiry management, and maximizing sales opportunities, always in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

With our telemarketing services, Fendorse adopts an hourly billing model. We offer clients the flexibility to tailor arrangements for extensive engagements, enabling us to craft a customized pricing structure that suits their individual needs and preferences.

We make sure you get a seat at the table!

Through direct marketing

We recognize your preference for a week filled with engaging appointments with potential clients. On a weekly basis, we ensure that this is arranged on your behalf!    

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We make sure you get noticed

Through content marketing

Fendorse provides advice, creates, and implements the content marketing strategy. Whether it's market news or original content, Fendorse takes care of the end-to-end execution along with thorough analysis.

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We ensure that you can excel

Design and creation

Whether you're looking for an impressive sales brochure, a captivating one-pager, or a fully personalized WordPress website, we understand what appeals to you and make it a reality!

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